Peddler’s Village was created in 1962 by Earl & Sheila Jamison, ardent young entrepreneurs who foresaw success in melding locally owned specialty shops and restaurants with colorful gardens, distinctive buildings, and rural hospitality.

Today, Peddler’s Village is a thriving attraction that welcomes more than two million visitors from around the globe each year—though it is still a family-owned business headed by Earl’s daughter, Donna Jamison Cave. The Village was named the number-one tourist attraction by the Philadelphia Business Journal. It has also earned the Best in Bucks distinction as a shopping mall, local tourist destination, and entertainment venue as well as for its major holiday display. 

In 2022, we celebrated the 60th anniversary with traditional festivals, special events, and 60 giveaways. Follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, and keep an eye on what we’re doing in 2023!

60 Years of Memories

I have been coming to Peddler’s Village since 1962 when my daughter was two years old with my friend Barbara. We would meet there for over 50 years at least once a month. Love the whole area especially during the week when the crowds are less.

– Amelia

After a fairly long ride from Southern New Jersey, my sister and I would run towards the building across from the waterwheel waiting to see whose gingerbread house, against our own choice prize winners, had claimed fame acknowledged by ribbons.

…What stands out most is the annual gathering at the Cock ‘n Bull Restaurant. We began to have planned November Thanksgiving dinners at Peddler’s Village. While we entered the restaurant doors, we always waited by the indoor fireplace for our same upstairs seating… prior to our meals, my Uncle was thrilled to use his Polaroid camera, pull out our soon-to-be-visualized pictures, and honor each with our very own take-home souvenir.

This and other memories were because Peddler’s Village was about families, friends, comfort and laughter leaving behind jobs, duties and to-do lists. Thank you Peddler’s Village owners and staff for the past 60 years!

– Amy M. Lipson, Peddler’s Class of the 60s and 70s to the present

I have been coming to Peddler’s since probably the late 1990s. I have great memories from bringing my little nephew to your petting zoo to viewing many years of gingerbread houses with my friend. My husband and I have attended years of festivals, car shows, scarecrow competitions and sidewalk sales/craft shows finding treasures. We have eaten at almost all your restaurants and look forward every year to the Cock ‘n Bull holiday buffets. My mom and I enjoyed times of fun at your breakfast bingo. As she gets older these are good memories.

Peddler’s has been a place I brought my bridesmaids to back in 1998 for a day of fun. I can’t say enough about how special Peddler’s Village is to me and I thank you for opening up the outdoors during COVID to have lunch at your outdoor tables which we did many times enjoying the landscaping.

– Mitra Kelly

I grew up in Northeast Philadelphia all my life and my parents did not have car, so I got around on public transportation… I met [my husband] in April 1971. He wanted to take me out to a nice restaurant and suggested the Cock ‘n Bull in Peddler’s Village. Well, I had no idea where The Cock ‘n Bull was.

I asked, “Where is The Cock ‘n Bull?”
He answered, “Peddler’s Village.”
I asked, “Where is Peddler’s Village?”
He answered, “Lahaska PA.”
I asked, “Where is Lahaska PA?”

Well, he took me there and we thoroughly enjoyed having dinner and enjoyed the Village. We go to Peddler’s Village every year in April for our wedding anniversary.

– Janet and Henry Studer, Warminster PA

I was 12 years old, 60 years ago, when the Cock ‘n Bull restaurant opened. Each Sunday my father would take my mother, me, my grandmother and cousin for a Sunday drive. One Sunday we visited Peddler’s Village and ate dinner at the Cock ‘n Bull.

I remember this was where I received my first lessons in how to “act like a lady in public.” A gentleman helps the lady off with her coat, pulls out her chair at the table, and always stands when she stands to show respect.

He showed me how to order lobster tail.  “Always ask them to remove it from the shell. A lady doesn’t want to fight with her meal at the table.” Also, it might end up on the floor, which would be a terrible waste.

I have many memories of Peddler’s Village. But the best memory was this one!

– Susan Downarowicz Cook

My husband took me to Peddlers Village when we just started dating. We will be married 57 years this November. We have been coming to the Village ever since. We love the Cock ‘n Bull Restaurant. We have celebrated weddings, bridal showers, birthdays and so many other important events there. We love shopping in all the unique stores. Miss some that are gone now. Love some of the new ones. We love the Buttonwood Grill.

My husband and I visited Peddler’s Village together over 50 years ago as our go-to daytime “date.” My parents would watch our children and we would enjoy a day of shopping, relaxing in the beautiful setting and, of course having a meal at the Cock n’ Bull. We especially enjoyed the lounge, where the hospitality and waiting areas are now located. I loved the Cock n’ Bull’s signature drink, Apricot Rooster, as well as the crocks of cheese spread with crackers for nibbling while waiting to be called to our table. We always purchased a crock of cheese to take home, returning the empty for a credit on another full one during our next visit. The atmosphere was a tiny bit magical to me and I was always excited to return. I have a true nostalgic feeling for those years gone by and the part Peddler’s Village played.

Doris Walper

Being a resident of Bucks County, as well as my family, and we LOVE Peddler’s Village, and have been a long time visitors since I was a little girl. One of my fondest memories is in the 70’s is our family dining at the Cock n Bull restaurant, which was my Dad’s favorite restaurant. This was for sure a special occasion, as no doubt looking back, it was a feat for him financially at the time for a family of eight for dinner! Dressed in our Sunday best, and on our best behavior, it was a dream for us as children to be treated to this special night, by our parents. Your wait staff always made us feel so special and were kind and attentive. It was a grand meal and experience!

Now there’s a fourth generation that continues to enjoy this family tradition! As time goes on…Peddler’s will continue to be a life-long destination for our family.

Fondly, Kathleen Bretzel

Peddler’s Village through the Years

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