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Celebrating 44 years of Scarecrows in the Village

An autumn tradition continues starting September 11! For eight fun-filled weeks, over 100 scarecrows line the brick pathways of our autumn-tinted Village. Some are inspired by famous characters, some are humorous, some are scary – but all of them are carefully handmade by Philly-area residents and organizations. The display is free and on view every day through October 31. Guests are invited to vote on their favorite scarecrows and the creators of the winning scarecrows receive prizes.

Scarecrow Kickoff Weekend

Kick off the scarecrow display on Saturday & Sunday, September 16 & 17 from 11 a.m. – 5 p.m. with family fun, outdoor treats, and scarecrow workshops!

Check back later for 2023 registration information

2022 Winners

Congratulations to all of our 2022 participants.
The Grand Prize goes to:
“Alien Abduction!” by Christian Kalczewski (Quite the Character #70)

Check below for the winners in each category.


1st Place: #16 “Make Crow, Not War” by Kimberly Orr
2nd Place: #3 “Lucy and the Chocolate Factory” by Dianne & Kevin Borngesser, Zoey Webster
3rd Place: #21 “Ladies and Gentlemen, THE BEATLES!” by Henry & Alyx Piratzky
4th Place: #22 “Astronaut of Pumpkin Planet” by Bryan Ross

Honorable Mentions:
#19 “Bringing Peace & Love” by Dusten, Lily, Brianna, Camryn & Oliva Brennan
#82 “Itt’s An Addams Thing” by Melissa Manvell & Elaine Crawford
Pay homage to the scarecrows that have been “scaring crows” from farmers’ fields for centuries with a 1960s twist in honor of our 60th anniversary.

1st Place: #39 “Slipper Dipper’s Mum-Crow! ” by Chris Castineira
2nd Place: #66 “I Am Groot” by Patrice, Shawn, Elle, Jack, Ben Carelli
3rd Place: #104 “The Witch is Back.” by Donna Reeves & Rosalie McCracken
4th Place: #2 “If it rains…RUN!” by Jen & Chris Patrizio

Honorable Mentions:
#110 “My Neighbor Totoro” by Chih-Ru Lin
#92 “Mega Minions” by Lauren, Tugger, Brooklyn & Sienna Gehling, Parisa Sharifi
Create a scarecrow interpretation of your favorite book, television or movie character: human, animal or animated!

1st Place: #10 “Goldilocks and the Wesley Bears” by Christine Weyer, Lexi Harris, Heidi Beers, and Wesley Enhanced Living residents
2nd Place: #69 ““Off with their heads” by Paige Kauffman
3rd Place: #85 “Shrek – The greatest fairy tale never told.” by Kristen Price
4th Place: #29 “We’re All Mad Here” by Jill Mclaughlin

Honorable Mentions:
#5 “Mother Gothel” by Kori & Kim Wilson
#44 “All Hail the Queen” by Jillian, Nick, Maya, Hana Palmieri

Make a whimsical portrayal of your favorite fairytale hero or villain.

1st Place: #36 “A Stranger Thing” by Bryan Donahue
2nd Place: #17 “Sluagh: The Host of Death” by Lori Anne Currall
3rd Place: #33 “Gibbeted Captain William Fly – Defiant ’til the end – Even showed them how to die” by Mark, Jeanette, Marc, Franc, Kendall Romanowski
4th Place: #4 “Swamp Nana” by Lauren Stires

Honorable Mentions:
#51 “Vecna is coming for you!” by Leanne & Josh Sebastian
#93 “”Straw-badook” by The Village Players of Hatboro

“It’s Alive!” Create a scarecrow that scares.

1st Place: #9 “Need More CROW-Verage??” by Christine Tomlinson from The Bailey Insurance Group
2nd Place: #83 “When the farmer’s away . . .” by Kimberly Orr
3rd Place: #77 “”Spellbound” by Alesia Vassallo
4th Place: #15 “Cindy the cycling circus bear!” by Kira Sebastian

Honorable Mentions:
#48 “King Morty, Ruler of the Bucks County SPCA” by Cindy Kelly, Asher Goodson, Tessa Christidhis, Trinity Edmond
#27 “Let’s Get Physical” by Angela Berghaier from Garage Barre

Not all scarecrows have to be scary! Create a scarecrow that tickles your funny bone and gives you a giggle.

1st Place: #84 “Find your Inner Pink Panther, to kick breast cancer’s derriere” by Gloria English & Pink Ladies
2nd Place: #8 “Soroptimist International of Indian Rock’s “Ms PEARL” by Eileen Conner
3rd Place: #43 “There’s Gnome Place Like Heartis” by Maureen Engstrom & Maria Bongarzone
4th Place: #41 “Kissing Booth” by Alesia Vassallo

Honorable Mentions:
#18 “Olaf” by Kim Sisca, Jenelle Brown, Girl Scout Troop 2690
#52 “Marilyn Moncrow” by Tisha Tinsman

Show us your pink scarecrows to promote breast cancer awareness.

Peddler’s Village is proud to support Pine2Pink benefitting local breast cancer patients in treatment and recovery.

1st Place: #95 “Beekle: The Unimaginary Friend” by Alex & Henry Hartman-Currall
2nd Place: #100 “Piranha Plant” by Patrice & Calvin Hewski
3rd Place: #98 “At Hoover Elementary, we learn how to ‘Bee” Kind!'” by Miss McGarry & Mrs. Salt’s classes
4th Place: #96 “Here’s Waldo” by David, Caylee, and Savannah Dutertre

Honorable Mentions:
#97 “Pete the Scare Cat” by Carter & Charlotte Krause
#107 “Crowbuster” by Dixon, Adelaide, & Duke Heslop
This category is for our 12-and-under guests. Have your child create a scarecrow of their favorite storybook character!

1st Place: Hats Galore & More & Lighthouse Galleries
2nd Place: FresCafe Food Company
3rd Place: The Cloak and Wand
4th Place: Buttonwood Grill

Honorable Mentions:
Body Language Company
The Lucky Cupcake’s Village Bakery

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