Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions2021-01-12T10:59:58-05:00
How do I make restaurant reservations?2022-12-08T14:27:43-05:00

The Cock ‘n Bull and Earl’s New American offer online reservation booking through  Hart’s Tavern, Peddler’s Pub and Buttonwood Grill are Walk-in Only Restaurants.  Hart’s Tavern and Peddler’s Pub do not have tables larger than six-person tables. Please note that walk-in restaurants can experience a two-plus-hour wait on busier days.

What safety measures are in place at Peddler’s Village?2023-07-03T12:36:40-04:00

For the safety of guests and employees, weapons of any type are not permitted in any area of Peddler’s Village. Illegal substances as well as outside food and beverages are also strictly prohibited.

All of our shops, which are independently owned, are responsible for developing their own safety policies for guests and employees. The guest policy for each shop will be communicated by/at each individual shop.

What’s the best time to visit Peddler’s Village?2023-07-03T13:41:17-04:00

Weekends tend to bring more visitors and to provide a more vibrant atmosphere, while weekdays remain quieter and less populated.

If you would still like to spend a quiet, serene day at our special shopping/dining/entertainment destination, we would like to offer this recommendation: Come to Peddler’s Village on a weekday morning or early afternoon. If you come here Monday through Friday, say, at 10:30 am, you might just feel you have a whole Village to yourself!

Where is Guest Services?2022-03-07T11:31:09-05:00

Guest Services is located in the Visitor & Event Center. The Guest Services Kiosk, located on the Main Green area near The Cotton Company, will also be staffed periodically.

Additionally, you can reach guest services via phone during regular operating hours by calling 215-794-4051.

Can we eat outdoors?2022-04-04T15:59:03-04:00

Yes, there is seasonal outdoor dining at Earl’s New American, Buttonwood Grill, and FresCafe Food Co.  Additionally, Peddler’s Village has many tables and chairs set up outdoors available to guests for takeout meals from all restaurants. Guests are also invited to bring picnic blankets to sit and enjoy takeout food and drinks in designated grassy areas.

For more information, view the dining page

How can I host a social gathering at Peddler’s Village?2022-04-04T15:59:42-04:00

If you would like to host a social gathering—a party, banquet, wedding, celebration of life, or other event—please contact our Sales team at or 215-794-4062. We have a new, very large outdoor tent that is available for private events!

Where can I park when I visit Peddler’s Village?2022-07-15T19:29:24-04:00

Parking at Peddler’s Village is free and plentiful! Once you arrive, you will see signs directing you to parking areas. A map of parking areas can be found here.

With respect for our neighbors, we ask that visitors to Peddler’s Village do not park in the Penn’s Purchase parking lots or in nearby residential areas.

Is there a fee for parking or admission at Peddler’s Village?2020-05-28T14:50:31-04:00

No, general admission and parking at Peddler’s Village is free.

How far is Peddler’s Village from New Hope, PA and Doylestown, PA?2020-05-28T14:50:39-04:00

Peddler’s Village is located just between the two popular towns–five miles from New Hope and six miles from Doylestown.

Is there any public transportation to Peddler’s Village?2020-05-28T14:50:51-04:00

Peddler’s Village is only accessible by local taxi cabs, ride-sharing services such as Uber of Lyft, or by the interstate TransBridge bus line.

Can you rent wheelchairs or scooters in Peddler’s Village?2022-03-07T11:27:19-05:00

Peddler’s Village does not rent wheelchairs or scooters. We use a local pharmacy that provides that service. For more information, call Guest Services at 215-794-4051.

Where are the ATMs located in Peddler’s Village?2020-05-28T14:51:19-04:00

There are three ATMs located in the Village: (1) Outside between Free Will Brewing and Moku Bowls, (2)

inside Giggleberry Fair, and (3) inside Bank of America. The two inside locations are both at Route 263 and Carousel Lane.

Can you rent strollers at Giggleberry Fair?2020-05-28T14:51:30-04:00

Strollers are not available for rent in Peddler’s Village, including at Giggleberry Fair.

Are there accessible restrooms in Peddler’s Village?2020-05-28T14:51:46-04:00

Two accessible restrooms are located in the outside public restrooms located in the Courtyard area at Street Road and Route 202 (next to Creative Corners). Another accessible restroom is located on the main Village Green near Peddler’s Lane (next to Cotton Company). Hart’s Tavern also has a single accessible bathroom.

What is the GPS address for Peddler’s Village?2020-12-09T17:10:31-05:00

There are a few GPS addresses for the Village (what works best is often dependent upon the GPS system itself):

  • 2400 Street Road, New Hope PA
  • 100 Peddlers Village, New Hope PA 18938
  • 167 Carousel Lane, New Hope PA 18938
  • Route 263 and Street Road, Lahaska, PA 18931
  • 5875 Upper York Road, Doylestown, PA
How do I apply for a job at Peddler’s Village?2022-03-07T11:29:45-05:00

Click here for current job listings and to apply online.

You can also fill out a job application for the Village by visiting Guest Services located inside the Visitor & Event Center. Open interviews are held Mondays through Thursdays from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Are there baby changing tables in Peddler’s Village?2020-05-28T14:52:22-04:00

Yes, Peddlers Village does have baby changing areas in both men’s and ladies’ restrooms.

In men’s rooms: (1) Outdoor restrooms at Street Road and Peddler’s Lane (near Cotton Company), (2) restroom at Giggleberry Fair, (3) Downstairs restroom at the Cock ‘n Bull Restaurant.

In ladies’ rooms: (1) Outdoor restrooms at Street Road and Peddler’s Lane (near Cotton Company), (2) restroom at Giggleberry Fair, (3) Downstairs restroom at the Cock ‘n Bull Restaurant.

Also: There is a baby changing table inside Hart’s Tavern’s handicapped bathroom.

How do I inquire about becoming a merchant in Peddler’s Village?2020-05-28T14:52:33-04:00

For leasing inquiries, please contact Kathleen Kuchak at 215-794-4007

Are dogs allowed in Peddler’s Village?2020-05-28T14:52:45-04:00

Dogs are allowed on the Village grounds, but must always be on leashes, and owners are required to pick up after their pets. Only service dogs are allowed inside the restaurants and on the Buttonwood Grill outdoor deck. All dogs are allowed on Earl’s New American’s outdoor patio when the patio is open.

How do I apply to be a vendor or artisan during a festival?2020-05-28T14:52:53-04:00

You can send an email to

What is the process/fee for commercial photography at Peddler’s Village?2023-01-13T18:38:26-05:00

Commercial photographers must receive approval from Peddler’s Village prior to conducting any photo shoots with subjects on the property. To inquire about dates and fees, contact Ann Lipcsey at or 215-794-4078.

There is no fee or advance permission required for commerical photographers taking engagement or wedding photos of couples who are hosting their ceremonies and receptions at Peddler’s Village.

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