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A PEEP-tastic Competition

This spring, Peddler’s Village presents the 4th Annual PEEPS® in the Village, on display from Friday, March 13 through Sunday, April 23. The colorful display includes over 90 creations of wall art, dioramas, and sculpture, featuring the popular Pennsylvania-made bunnies and chicks, and carefully handmade and contributed by Philly-area residents and organizations. Admission to the display is free. Housed in the Visitor & Event Center, located in the off Street Road and Peddler’s Lane.

Check back soon for 2023 registration information!

Where: Shop #25, in the Visitor & Event Center (Red Barn off Street Road)

When: March 13 – April 23, 2023
Monday – Thursday: 10:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m.
Friday – Saturday: 10:00 a.m. – 8:00 p.m.
Sunday: 11:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m.
Easter Sunday (April 9): Closed

Weekday and weekday evening visits are strongly encouraged. Lines and wait times can be long on weekends. Please do not touch the items on display.

The Competition

Congratulations to the 2022 PEEPS® winners!
Winners receive: 1st Place: $200 • 2nd Place: $150 • 3rd Place: $100 • 4th Place: $75 • 5th Place: $50 • (2) Honorable Mentions: $25


1st Place: #18 “P•e•e•p•s I’ll be there for you” by Heather Hund
2nd Place: #60 “The Lucky Peepcake” by Marissa Ballew
3rd Place: #41 “Peep Show” by Debi, Brianne, Kylie Kuklinski
4th Place: #6 “Expecto Peeptronum!” By Emily, Miller, Maddox, Maris, Marlowe Kline
5th Place: #30 “Peeps Game” by The Vickner Family
Honorable Mentions:
#49 “Bo Peep finds her Sheep” by Cynthia Barbedette
#26 “Cruella PeepVille” by Sedona Zuniga & Lauren Montagna

2-D Wall Art

1st Place: #89 “Peeping At A Starry Night” by Melissa Manvell & Elaine Crawford
2nd Place: #59 “Super Mario” by Teri Hardgrove
3rd Place: #21 “Happy Peep!” by Ava Frederick
4th Place: #78 “Peep Sign” by Amy Howard
5th Place: #10 “CasPEEPa (Encanto)” by Katie Mourer & Sierra Williams
Honorable Mentions:
#24 “Always Look For The Rainbow” by Theresa & Leah Hodges
#102 “Peep-le be Yourself” by Doris McLaughlin


1st Place: #47 “At The Bunny Hop” by Doris McLaughlin
2nd Place: #88 “SpongePEEP Squarepants” by Darla Fowler & Nicole Peake
3rd Place: #29 “Oktoberpeeps” by Linda Williams, Fehrenbach German Clocks & Gifts
4th Place: #76 “Le LouvrePEEP, by I.M. Peep” by Monica Hernandez-Truitt, Mateo, Adrian Truitt
5th Place: #53 “Peeps Planet!” by Harrison Kelly & Jessica Lewis Kelly
Honorable Mentions:
#51 “The very hungry PEEPerpillar” by Jill & Maisie Moffitt
#7 “A Wild Peepachu Appeared!” by Jenna Richie

Read the Philadelphia Inquirer story about our PEEPS show!

PEEPS®, the PEEPS® Chick Shape, and the PEEPS® Bunny Shape are registered trademarks of Just Born, Inc., Bethlehem, PA, USA, and are used with permission. © 2022.

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