New this year!

A PEEP-tastic Competition

Make a PEEPS® marshmallow masterpiece! Glue, mold, and manipulate those fluffy Chicks, Bunnies and other PEEPS® shapes to bring your vision to life in three categories: 2-D Wall Art, Diorama, and Sculpture.

Need some inspiration? Search online for ‘PEEPS® Marshmallow Sculpture


Create a gallery-worthy piece of art to be hung.

  • Board Size: 24”W x 24”H max.
  • Must be at least 75% PEEPS® marshmallow
  • Wall art should be 2-dimensional, on a sturdy, yet lightweight board (foam core recommended).
  • Ideas: recreate a favorite painting, plan an original work, mosaic an intricate pattern.

Think outside the box to populate a scene with PEEPS® marshmallow.

  • A diorama is a way to build an exciting scene in a small space.
  • Your diorama should be housed in a box no bigger than 18” wide x 18” deep x 18” tall.
  • Ideas: You can depict a time in history, a nature scene, a slice-of-life scene, or even recreate a favorite movie scene!

Build a free-standing, PEEP-tastic monument.

  • Overall sculpture cannot exceed 3 feet wide x 3 feet deep x 4 feet tall
  • Sculptures should be free-standing and transportable. They should not need to be anchored to a ceiling or wall.
  • You can be creative with how you construct your sculpture as long as the visible exterior is made up of 75% PEEPS® marshmallow
  • Ideas: Mythical Creatures, Cartoon Characters

The Competition

Winners receive: 1st Place: $100 • 2nd Place: $75 • 3rd Place: $50

The public will vote on their favorite entries from April 17-25. Winners will be posted online and denoted with ribbons at our Spring KidsFest on April 27 & 28. Each of the three categories (Wall Art, Diorama, Sculpture) will have a 1st, 2nd, & 3rd place.


Entries must be transported to Peddler’s Village on April 14-16 between 11AM-4PM. Entries will be on display from April 17-28.


Entries must be picked up by April 30 between 10AM-5PM. Abandoned PEEPS® will become the property of Peddler’s Village.

Dos & Don’ts

  • PEEPS® in the Village is a family-friendly show. Peddler’s Village reserves the right not to display an entry that is deemed offensive, controversial, inappropriate, religious, political, or poorly constructed and may remove entries based on guest complaints or damage.
  • When constructing your project, please refrain from using hazardous materials, food, or spillable items such as liquids or dirt.
  • TIPS
    – A strong idea is key. Sometimes the best entries are the simplest, yet most recognizable.
    – Keep your PEEPS® in a row! Craftsmanship can make or break the overall look of a project.
    – Fresh PEEPS® are more malleable if you need to mold. Leave your PEEPS® out a few days if you need them stiffer.
    – For different colors, edible cake paint can color your PEEPS® without damaging them.
    – Dip scissors in water to cut down on stickiness.


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