Scarecrows in the Village

An autumn tradition continues starting September 11!

For six fun-filled weeks, one hundred scarecrows line the brick pathways of our autumn-tinted Village. Some are inspired by famous characters, some are humorous, some are scary – but all of them are carefully handmade by Philly-area residents and organizations. The display is free and on view every day through October 29. Village visitors are invited to vote on their favorite scarecrows during the display. Voting continues through October 9. The creators of the winning scarecrows receive prizes.

Call for Entries

All members of the public are invited to participate in the scarecrow competition. You can showcase your stuff(ing) in one of seven categories. The deadline for entries is September 6. Contest details are below.

The Competition


Pay homage to the scarecrows that have been “scaring crows” from farmers’ fields for centuries.
Ideas: Utilize old cloth, straw, and natural supplies.
Create a scarecrow interpretation of your favorite fictional literary character from fairy tales, novels, storybooks.
Ideas: Jack and the Beanstalk, Pippi Longstocking, Hunchback of Notre Dame

Make a whimsical portrayal of your favorite movie stars and characters.
Ideas: John Wayne, Spider-Man, Little Mermaid, Lucille Ball

“It’s Alive!” Create a scary scarecrow that scares.
Ideas: Pennywise, GhostFace, zombies, Zecna, Frankenstein, The Walking Dead

Not all scarecrows have to be scary! Create a scarecrow that tickles your funny bone and gives you a giggle.
Ideas: Funny cartoon faces, silly characters or animals in goofy situations like juggling or being upside down

Show us your pink scarecrows to promote breast cancer awareness.
Ideas: Anything from personal heroes to animals as long as they’re pink!

Peddler’s Village is proud to support Main St. benefitting local breast cancer patients in treatment and recovery.

This category is for our 12-and-under guests. Have your child create a traditional-style scarecrow!
Ideas: Disney, Sesame Street, storybook characters

Winners receive:
1st Place: $300
2nd Place: $200
3rd Place: $150
4th Place: $100
(2) Honorable Mentions: $50

Kid’s Only Category winners receive:
1st Place: 4 Giggleberry Activity Passes, 1 Pizza Pie, 4 Refillable Soft Drinks
2nd Place: 4 Giggleberry Activity Passes, 4 Pizza Slices, 500 Prize Tickets
3rd Place: 2 Giggleberry Activity Passes, 1000 Prize Tickets

Grand Prize: This scarecrow will be judged on overall creativity, craftsmanship, adherence to category theme and wow factor. PRIZE: $300 · Dinner for 4 at Cock ‘n Bull Restaurant

Winners will be posted online on October 13, 2023. Prizes will be mailed following the competition. Each of the categories will have a 1st, 2nd, 3rd place, and 4th place (Kids only! does not have a 4th place).


The public will vote on their favorite entries from September 11 – October 9. Ballots can be cast through our Peddler’s Village Mobile app (Android | Apple). Paper ballots are available in all shops and restaurants. Please drop your completed submission in ballot boxes located in the Cock ‘n Bull, Giggleberry Fair Indoor Family Fun Center, Buttonwood Grill and Visitor & Event Center.


Scarecrow Check-In will occur on Sunday, September 10, 2023 between 11:00 a.m.-4:00 p.m. Additional details, including hours and location, will be provided after registration. A weatherproof sign with the name of your entry will be provided at check-in. Please attach it to the lower part of your scarecrow or stand.


Scarecrows may be picked up on November 1, 2023 from 10:00 AM – 6:00 PM. Any scarecrows that are not claimed by Wednesday, November 1, and whose creator(s) have not arranged for alternate pick-up arrangements will become the property of Peddler’s Village.

Dos & Don’ts

  • Scarecrows in the Village is a family-friendly show. All entries must be family friendly. Peddler’s Village reserves the right to refuse any scarecrow entry that
    we feel may be offensive to the general public.
  • Entries cannot be in the form of an object such as car or boat. All entries must have a body, arms, legs and don’t forget to include some straw!
  • Each group or individual may enter only one scarecrow per category, but may enter more than one category. Please complete one entry form per scarecrow.
  • Scarecrows must be built on a 1-1/2″ square wooden post. When you drop off your scarecrow, Peddler’s Village will provide a pipe secured in the ground at your display location for you to insert your post. Only one pipe per entry is supplied. The pipe is approximately 12″ – 18″ long, so make sure to start your creation 20″ up from the bottom of your post!
  • No part of your display may touch the ground. No materials may be placed on the ground under or around your scarecrow. Our greens are maintained year-round, and mowing and landscaping will occur around scarecrow displays.
  • Your scarecrow must be weather-resistant and sturdy in order to qualify for displaying and judging. We strongly encourage entrants to visit their scarecrows in the Village for periodic check-ins. During the time that your entry is on display, you may make any necessary repairs to keep your scarecrow looking its very best. Peddler’s Village reserves the right to remove any scarecrows that deteriorate due to weather.
  • No perishable goods may be used in the construction of your scarecrow, including pumpkins, squash and other plants.
  • Scarecrow entries that are removed from Peddler’s Village by the entrant prior to the close of the display will forfeit eligibility to win prizes. Eligibility to enter the Scarecrow Competition for the coming year will also be forfeited.
  • Peddler’s Village has final approval based on votes, overall appearance/composition of the design, originality/imagination/use of materials, difficulty of design/design execution, and “fit” in category.
  • Peddler’s Village is not responsible for any scarecrows on display.
  • TIPS
    – A strong idea is key. Sometimes the best entries are the simplest, yet most recognizable.
    – Craftsmanship can make or break the overall look of a project.
    – Stuff your straw into pantyhose to keep it in one place! Experts can sew the pantyhose for shaping.
    – Weatherproofing: Your scarecrows will have prolonged exposure to all kinds of weather. Make sure to seal porous materials, such as papier-mâché, with a water-repellent spray (3M or Scotchguard)