New phone app provides easy access to festival information, shop listings, interactive maps, restaurant menus and reservations, coupons, quizzes, a Village-wide scavenger hunt with prizes, and more


Peddler’s Village has  launched a mobile app designed to provide guests with easy access to Village information, special offers, and expanded entertainment opportunities. The Peddler’s Village app, which is available on iTunes and Google Play, includes festival information, shop listings, an interactive map designed to improve wayfinding, restaurant hours and menus, events calendar, coupons, FAQs, inn reservations, quizzes, a visitor survey, and a Village-wide scavenger hunt with prizes. This year, guests will also be able to use the mobile app to vote in the annual scarecrow contest. Text alerts about on-site events can be sent to users who have shared their location and who are on Peddler’s Village property; app users will not receive text messages when they are not on site.

“With its 18th-century countryside setting, Peddler’s Village might evoke the past, but we want to deliver a 21st-century experience to our guests who will appreciate having shop and restaurant info, navigation tools, new games, and special photo filters at their fingertips—literally,” said Chief Operating Officer Bob McGowan. “We are always looking to enhance the ways guests can have fun at the Village and with each other. We’re very proud to roll out this mobile app, which we have been developing for the past six months.”

Modeling major attractions such as Walt Disney World, Hersheypark, and Six Flags, Peddler’s Village—which is the third most-visited attraction in the Philadelphia region, according to the Philadelphia Business Journal—designed the app to improve wayfinding and two-way communication, among other objectives.

“We respect guest privacy, so we do not ask for emails or other identifying information on the app, even for those who participate in the scavenger hunt and win a prize,” said McGowan. “Users can even take the survey anonymously.”

One of the main features of the app is to provide text alerts about festival schedule updates, pop-up sales, special offers, and other events that might be of interest to app users—but those text alerts will only be issued to users who are at Peddler’s Village at the time (and have allowed the app to access their locations).

“We worked diligently with the developer to identify a tight radius for messages and to ensure we would not be sending unwelcome texts to app users who are not physically at our property,” said McGowan.

The app includes:

  • Festival information and schedules
  • Village-wide map with navigation guides
  • Events calendar
  • Restaurant information, including hours, menus, reservations, and coupons
  • Shop information, including hours, descriptions, and coupons
  • Village-wide scavenger hunt, with a prize for those who correctly complete it
  • Peddler’s Village photo filters
  • Peddler’s Village history quiz
  • Information about Giggleberry Fair, the indoor family entertainment center
  • Information and reservations for the Golden Plough Inn
  • Guest survey
  • Frequently asked questions
  • Peddler’s Village Twitter stream, with links to Facebook and Instagram content
  • Online general store to purchase Peddler’s Village festival packages and other products

To download the app, visit iTunes or Google Play and search for “Peddler’s Village.”

On Google Play:

On iTunes: