Peddler’s Village is pleased to announce that Fizzy Mama, an updated version of an old-fashioned soda bar, has officially opened in the Upper Village Green! Fizzy Mama, the second Village eatery opened by Liz Hawkins, the same “mama” behind Mama Hawk’s Kitchen & Coffee, features a soda bar with more than 30 fun flavors set in a bright, colorful space perfect for catching up with friends and family. 

Mama Hawk’s, which opened in 2020, offers everything from paninis and pizza to hot/iced coffee, fizzy sodas, cookies, and, of course, her very popular “Novel Buns.” Liz opened her second shop – Fizzy Mama – on November 14 focusing on her hand-mixed sodas, milkshakes, and delicious fresh baked cookies – this time, a mini version served in a cup with sweet dipping sauce! Other Fizzy Mama offerings include gelato, hot chocolate, coffee, and phosphates – an old-timey, tangy soda popular at late-19th century soda fountains, the predecessor to the creamy milkshakes we know and love today! 

During your next visit to Peddler’s Village, grab a seat at the spacious soda bar, try a strawberry phosphate or a root beer float, and enjoy a delightful cup-o-cookies at Fizzy Mama!

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