Meet Ann Lipcsey

Peddler’s Village Wedding Expert

What does Peddler’s Village offer that other wedding venues might not? 

Peddler’s Village literally has it all!  It’s the perfect one-stop place for all of your wedding needs: a beautiful reception space, a gazebo in the center of an spectacular garden for an outdoor ceremony, more intimate interior settings for a rehearsal dinner or day-after brunch, an elegant country inn and lots of options for guests while they are waiting for the main event.  In addition, there are many businesses in the Village that can help you, including a bakery and a salon.  Another shop can do invitations, and yet another can do a kitchen registry.

How do you work with your wedding couples to make sure you clearly understand their priorities and wedding-day dreams?

Open communication is key!  From the moment we meet, I make it very clear that this is your day.  I can tell you how it works or what others have done, but ultimately, you decide how the day goes.  We meet several times during the process to ensure that we have dotted the “I’s” and crossed all the “t’s.”  I tell everyone to call or email with anything that is on their minds because even though they might not want to bother me with a “stupid” question…’s likely not at all stupid!  Every question or concern needs to be addressed properly to make sure that you get the picture-perfect day you imagine. 

What are your priorities when planning wedding events? What is your working style?

 My priority is to make sure that my couples do not stress but have fun. I tell everyone: “If it’s not fun, we are doing something wrong!” I am open, honest and I truly care. I love my job. I believe this is apparent to everyone I work with and it gives them confidence in knowing I will take good care of them and their guests on their special day!

How do you address unexpected challenges in planning wedding events? 

 We always expect the unexpected!  No day is perfect, no matter how tight the plans. You have to be willing to jump in and, well, make it happen. There are no “I can’ts” or “I wont’s”… we just do it! 

How do you make sure couples will stay within their wedding budget?

 We establish the budget before we event sign the contract. And then we stick with it! 

How do you make sure your wedding couples are happy with their celebrations?

The key to our success is constant communication and follow up! I am always available to my couples. They know how to contact me and they know I will respond promptly. 

How can engaged couples get in touch?   

They can call me at 215-794-4078 or email me at  I can also be reached through, Wedding Wire and The Knot. 

What is your most important advice for couples who are planning a wedding?

You are in charge!  Everyone can tell you how it should be or what you should want, but it’s not about them, or what’s easy for them…it’s about you and your vision! Do what makes you happy!   Listen to your heart. 


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