This pandemic has uprooted so much: our routines, our sense of security, our family traditions… the list goes on. Though it has impacted all of us in different ways, we have all felt its many effects.

We recently conducted a survey that included a question about the level of concern in being in public spaces. The answers on the sliding scale of 1 (not at all concerned) to 10 (extremely concerned) varied widely. About as many people answered 1 or 2 as they did 9 or 10.

If you are on the high end of the scale and would still like to spend a relaxing day outdoors in the fresh air without encountering many other people, we would like to offer this recommendation: Come to Peddler’s Village on a weekday morning or early afternoon. If you come here Monday through Friday, say, at 10:30 am, you might just feel you have a whole Village to yourself!

Safety of our guests and employees has always been a priority of Peddler’s Village, and it is especially important now. We expect our guests to abide by the rules, including social distancing and mask-wearing guidelines, which we communicate with many signs and reminders throughout the Village. The vast majority of our guests do comply, and the vast majority of our guests tell us they have felt very comfortable when visiting.

Weekends do tend to bring more visitors and to provide a more vibrant atmosphere, while weekdays remain quieter. If you’d like an up-to-the-minute estimate on visitor volume (generally rendered on a scale of 1 [very low] to 10 [very high]), you can call Guest Services at 215-794-4051 during regular shopping hours. They will be happy to make visiting recommendations based on your personal preferences.

We hope to welcome you soon!