Thank you–from the bottom of our hearts–to all of our Summer 2020 guests! We are so grateful for your support of our family-owned businesses. There’s no doubt that this summer is a bit different from summers past, but with your help, Peddler’s Village continues to be a relaxing, enjoyable destination, whether you are visiting for a few hours or a few days.

We worked hard to plan and implement Village-wide safety measures so that our visitors would feel safe and comfortable when we re-opened our shops, restaurants, inn, and indoor family fun center… and we are thrilled that this seems to be the case! Here are a few reviews and comments that have been posted online over the past few weeks:

Clean, beautiful, all set up for a lovely day of social distancing with a friend!

Small businesses doing what they can to appeal to customers while keeping up with current safety standards. Love browsing and prices weren’t as high in most stores as I first thought.

Neat shops! Friendly people in every store!

Fabulous as usual!

Social distancing was not an issue and it was the holiday weekend. The store we were [in] limited the amount of customers to enter – I felt comfortable.

Was at Peddler’s Village on Monday… had lunch from Harts Tavern, walked around, went in a few shops… it was a lovely day… not crowded at all.

Our first time there. Cute place. Not terribly crowded. Masks required inside any store but optional when walking around [when you can social distance].

Was there this week.  Good outdoor dining options, people were generally wearing masks.

Easy to navigate and not crowded.

Very nice stores and restaurants. You will enjoy this place.

Always a relaxing day walking around the grounds.

Great shops, food and entertainment. Full day of fun!

A great day trip of shopping and food.

Wonderful outdoor shopping commons with unique stores. Something for everyone and benches for non-shoppers.

Still a great place to visit, been multiple times, a little different with COVID countermeasures.  Restaurants have expanded into the parking lots.  Many shops open with proper precautions. It was nice afternoon break for a few hours or you can drive on either side of the river, PA 32 or NJ 29 by Washington Crossing. Circle back through New Hope and Lambertville, make it a great day trip. It’s a great place to visit to support your local merchants. We will do it again…

Awesome environment, staff is friendly in a the shoppes. They always have live entertainment [on weekends and Village-wide recorded music on weekdays].

It was great seeing things getting better. Always enjoy visiting Peddler’s Village. Had a great lunch at Earl’s.

Great place to walk around and relax! Check out all the stores or window shop all day long.

When we heard that Peddler’s Village was open, we figured it would be the perfect place to visit for a day. The shops were open and most had signage posted for customers to wear masks. We also took the advice listed on the website to reserve an outdoor dining table. We had lunch at FresCafe and our table was waiting when we got there… Peddler’s Village is dog friendly and we saw many dogs, all very well behaved and happy to be out. This place is really a great day out, tons of shops, plenty of restrooms and benches. We got there around 11:30 and had no problem parking, which was free. Overall, a great day trip during these very challenging times.

We were visiting relatives and I suggested we drive the 30 minutes north to Peddler’s Village. The other three in our little group had been here before, this was my first time here. I had found it online and it really looked interesting. We arrived at 10:30 AM on July 1, 2020… the place was nearly deserted of shoppers (it picked up a bit around 1 pm) so we had a fun time having the cobblestone sidewalks and inside shops mostly to ourselves. The setting is very pretty and scenic. Mature trees, birds singing, and stream running through the center. The shops are mostly unique… Most people politely wore masks even outside. My favorite shops were the Fehrenbach Black Forest Clocks and Gifts – where we bought some fine Hungarian sausage as well. Mixed Threads was interesting with a nice selection of goods… I bought a vintage poster.

We look forward to welcoming new and returning visitors this summer and beyond! As always, we value your comments and feedback. Email the Hospitality Center anytime at Thank you for your support!