This summer, experience larger-than-life sand sculptures created by award-winning master sand sculptors at Bucks County Beach Days: Sand Sculptures in the Village! This free event, which begins June 1, will welcome four teams of world-renowned master sand sculptors who will bring sand to life, one grain at a time, paying homage to beautiful Bucks County, its landscapes, landmarks, and history. 

Funded in part by Visit Bucks County,* Bucks County Beach Days: Sand Sculptures in the Village will feature seven, twelve-foot-tall sand sculptures depicting Bucks County landmarks, from covered bridges, theaters, and castles, to George Washington’s 1776 crossing of the Delaware River. The master sand sculptors (of only 60 in the world), some traveling across the country, will begin to arrive at Peddler’s Village mid-May to work on their magnificent masterpieces. The sand sculptures will be completed by June 12 (weather dependent) and will be on display for all to enjoy through August 31. 


Meet the Sculptors:

Ted Seibert

The Sand Sculpture Company | Chicago, Illinois

The original sand sculptor for Peddler’s Village, Ted Seibert, an artist selected by founder Earl Jamison for the Village’s 30th anniversary in 1992, will be joining us for Bucks County Beach Days: Sand Sculptures in the Village mid-May through early June. Possessing more than 30 years of experience in sand sculpting, Ted, master sand sculptor, holder of 8 Guinness World Records, and author of The Art of Sandcastling and Sandcastle in a Box, will create breathtaking sculptures of Peddler’s Village and Bucks County landmarks. 


Daniel Belcher, Patrick Harsch, & Dean Arscott 

Team Sandtastic | Sarasota, Florida

Team Sandtastic, award-winning sand sculptors with more than twenty years of experience, is the current Guinness World Record holder for the tallest sandcastle ever built by hand. In 1997 through 1999, Team Sandtastic created larger-than-life, whimsical sand sculptures at Peddler’s Village. The team, including master sculptors Daniel Belcher, Patrick Harsch, and Dean Arscott, will be returning in early June to sculpt Bucks County covered bridges and a depiction of Washington’s crossing of the Delaware. 


Chuck Feld

Sand Pounders | West Chester, Pennsylvania

Award-winning master sand sculptor, Chuck Feld, owner and founder of Sand Pounders, is known as one of the top sculptors of sand castles in the world. With 25 years of experience, placing five times in the North American Sand Sculpting Championships, and former sculptor for the Philadelphia Eagles and Good Morning America, Chuck will be sculpting a beautiful Bucks County castle scene beginning in late May.


John Gowdy 

Sand Sculptures by John Gowdy | Atlantic City, New Jersey

John Gowdy, a “flying colors” artist and award-winning master sand sculptor with more than 25 years of experience, will be joining us in early June for Bucks County Beach Days: Sand Sculptures in the Village. Winner of many national, international, and world class first place awards in sand sculpting, John, who has also sculpted for Pope Francis at the Vatican, will be focusing his spectacular sculpture on historic and present-day theaters in Bucks County.


*Additional details will soon be available on the Peddler’s Village website, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter pages. Bucks County Beach Days: Sand Sculptures in the Village is funded in part by Visit Bucks County, the official tourism promotion agency for Bucks County, PA, through its Bucks County Tourism Grant Program in partnership with the County of Bucks.