Jul 27, 2018

If you’ve been paying attention to health headlines, you know that high-protein food is all the rage. And now you can find hundreds of trendy, tasty snacks and meals at Peddler’s Village newest shop: House of Jerky, which has welcomed a steady stream of delighted visitors since its opening in mid-July.

Meat-lovers in search of exotic fare can find it here: alligator jerky, snapping turtle jerky, python jerky and earthworm jerky share the shelves with more traditional choices such as turkey jerky, beef jerky, and pork jerky.

Owner Chris Weidner, who took ownership of the New Hope House of Jerky two years ago, says he is glad to have a presence in Peddler’s Village, which draws two million visitors each year. “It’s a different crowd of people here, and the festivals are great,” he said.

The most popular jerky right now? Teriyaki beef, said Chris. “But we also sell a lot of hammerhead shark jerky,” he added. “In fact, we’re currently sold out.”