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A Sweet Competition and Display

From May 3-20, feast your eyes on this icing-laced display! Professional and amateur culinary creations are displayed in four categories: Traditional, Baker’s Choice, Student, and Kids. Admission to the display is free. Housed in the Visitor & Event Center (Red Barn, located off Street Road and Peddler’s Lane).

Congratulations to our 2023 Winners!

Traditional (Professional)

1st Place: “April in Paris” by Lisa Razzi
2nd Place: “Flowers are like friends, they bring color to your world!” by Rita Lugo
3rd Place:
“April Showers Bring May Flowers” by Angelina DiFerdinando

Traditional (Amateur)

1st Place:
“April showers bring May flowers” by Ava Frederick
“Spring Garden” by Lana Lang
2nd Place: “Sweet Bouquet” by Emily Fleming
3rd Place: “Lookin’ Sharp Des(s)ert Flowers” by Rachel Dolan

Baker’s Choice (Professional)

1st Place: “Gnomie Baker’s” by Trista Bond
2nd Place: “Sprinkled with Fairy Crumbs” by Aubree Welsh
3rd Place:
“There’s Gnome-one like you.” by Dona Nyahay
“Something Wicked this Way Comes” by Brandy Smith LeCours

Baker’s Choice (Amateur)

1st Place: “Toy box tea party” by Tonia Porter
2nd Place: “Mummer’s Sweet Notes” by Diane Wong
3rd Place:
“What’s For Breakfast?” by Victoria Kalnajs
“The Perfect Picnic” by Gabby Fischer


1st Place: “Peach, A Thousand Cupcakes Couldn’t Keep Me From You” by Emma Alejandro
2nd Place: “See You Later Space Invader” by Ella Romano
3rd Place: “A Day At The Philadelphia Zoo” by Madelyn Jacoby

Kids Only!

1st Place: “Cups of pups” by Rylan Rowlands
2nd Place: “(This Sweet) Life is a Picnic!” by Carter Siporin
3rd Place: “Day at the Farm” by Evelyn Spinner