Fehrenbach Black Forest Clocks and German Gifts, which has been a popular fixture at Peddler’s Village since 2008, is celebrating its decade-long success by moving to a larger space in the Village.

By moving to Store #68, located across from the relatively new House of Jerky, Fehrenbach will essentially be doubling its retail space. The new store, which will open soon, will feature pre-packaged German delicacies as well as the handcrafted wooden cuckoo clocks, nutcrackers, and the many other specialty and Christmas products for which the store is known.

Owned and managed by fifth-generation woodcarver Bernd Fehrenbach, Black Forest Clocks offers the broadest array of German products in the region.

Stop by and take a look at the new three-dimensional Moravian lighted stars! You can also visit Fehrenbach online at www.germanclocksandgifts.com.